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Nederland » Rotterdam

Rotterdam is the largest port in the world, the second city and the industrial heart of the Netherlands and the economic, social and cultural centre of the Rijnmond region. In addition, Rotterdam is a city of modern architecture, events, leisure and recreation. More than one million people from 162 countries live in the Rotterdam region.

The city that is so unlike Holland's other cities. Located on the mighty Maas River. Rotterdam is the largest port in the world. Being the ''Gateway to Europe'' Rotterdam has a hinterland of 500 million inhabitants. Its international orientation as a port and the regeneration of its city centre have made Rotterdam a business city without parallel.

City with outstanding architecture and delightful culture. City with an abundance of attractions, festivals and museums. A swinging, young city culture and excellent shopping facilities, restaurants and cafes. Whatever your interests are, whatever you want to do, Rotterdam is sure to pleasantly surprise you!

Foto's Rotterdam

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Rotterdam, Kubuswoningen (© Myrthe)
Tuinen van Trompenburg
De Tuinen (© Trompenburg )
De Chalets
Chalets (© Stadscamping Rotterdam)
Apartment Mizar Rotterdam Centrum
MIZAR Living (©
slaapkamer (©
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